Access your backup data on your computer with inDefend Mobile Backup - Desktop Agent

inDefend Mobile Backup - Desktop Agent lets you access all your backup data from our cloud server and view it on your computer.

Take a secure data backup from your Android smartphone using inDefend Mobile Backup, and access your backup data using inDefend Mobile Desktop Agent. It's that easy !


Figure 1: Screen showing version info for the Desktop Agent.

Benefits of inDefend Mobile Backup - Desktop Agent

Key features of inDefend Mobile Backup - Desktop Agent

Application sections

Login Screen

Home Screen

Backup Details

Export Data

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Login Screen


Figure 2: Login Screen

The login screen enables users to login with their pre-registered Email ID and password.

  • Email ID should be of the format "name"@"domain".
    Examples of proper email IDs:,
    Examples of improper email IDs: johndoe (no domain name mentioned), (invalid domain name)
  • If your computer is connected to the internet via a proxy server, you must configure inDefend Mobile Backup - Desktop Agent to gain internet access in the same manner by clicking on the "Connection Settings" Link.

Home Screen


Figure 3: Home Screen

The home screen of inDefend Mobile Backup shows the following information to the users:

Users can view all the data corresponding to a particular backup state by clicking on the name of the backup state. A download operation is started, which fetches all data corresponding to the selected backup operation, decrypts the data and displays it in another screen.


Figure 4: Progress bar showing download progress while fetching backup data

Backup Details


Figure 5: Sample Screen showing details of calendar-related backup data

After the download of a particular backup state is completed, the data contained in that state is classified into different types and shown in separate tabs. Data types correspond to Contacts, SMS, Calendar, History, Bookmarks, Settings and Call Logs.

Each tab corresponds to data of one type. The left panel of this screen shows the number of backup data elements of each type that were stored in this backup state.


Figure 6: Sample Screen showing details of Call Logs-related backup data

Furthermore, users can search for an element from the entire list by entering a particular keyword corresponding to that element.


Figure 7: Sample Screen showing details of SMS-related backup data

Users can download a copy of their backup data from our cloud server by clicking on "Export Backup Data" link, located on the left panel.

Export Data


Figure 8: Screen showing export data feature of inDefend Mobile Backup - Desktop Agent

The "Export Data" tab allows you to export all data corresponding to a backup state in XML or XLS format. Additionally, you can also export your contact data from our cloud server in vCard format.

The vCard Format (VCF) is a world-wide mode of contacts exchange and storage. Using this format, you can import all your contacts to an Android smartphone, iPhone or your email account.

To know more about the vCard format, click here.

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